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Providing great service to our clients means everything to All Points Home Inspection, LLC. We will take the time to listen to the concerns of our clients, because buying a home is one of the most important purchases you will ever make. Our client’s complete understanding of their new home through communication, analysis and an easy to read report ensures the quality of their real estate investment.

Exterior Home Inspection Services

  • Exterior and Roof Inspection
  • Attic Inspection
  • Grounds and Landscaping Inspection
All Points Home Inspection will check the condition of roofing materials, flashings, skylights and all plumbing penetrations as well as any roof mounted chimneys and electrical service equipment. We inspect exterior siding and trim and any components that are attached, including the gutter and downspout condition and function.
Where visible the following areas are inspected. Roof sheathing materials inside the attic area. HVAC distribution and components. Attic insulation and ventilation. Plumbing pipes, electrical, bath and kitchen exhaust fans.
All Points Home Inspection inspects the grading around the foundation for proper drainage and test the sprinkler system and controls when possible. Trees and shrubs are inspected to ensure they do not damage the structure. Retaining walls, decks, patios, driveways and walkways are inspected. Fencing and gate functionality is tested.

Interior Home Inspection Services

  • Garage and Interior Inspection
  • Kitchen Inspection
  • Bathrooms Inspection
  • Heating Inspection
  • Air Conditioning Inspection
  • Plumbing Inspection
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Foundation Inspection
  • Crawlspace Inspection
The garage door opener and controls are tested and the door is inspected for proper fit. The garage walls and ceiling are inspected and the passage doors are tested. We inspect the functionality of interior doors and windows, along with a visual inspection of walls, floors and ceilings. Ceiling fan and fireplace functions are tested. We inspect the laundry room, dryer vent connection, cold and hot water controls and drain (where visible) and sink function if applicable. Smoke detectors are tested and evaluated.
All Points Home Inspection will test the oven / range, exhaust ventilation and microwave for proper function. We test the kitchen sink and faucet, spray wand and disposal for proper function and installation. We run a complete dishwasher cycle and check for leaks. We inspect counter tops, cabinet doors and drawers.
All Points Home Inspection will inspect sinks and drains, faucets, bathtubs, showers, shower doors, toilets and exhaust fans. Bathroom fixtures including towel bars, rings and robe hooks are tested for functionality.
The furnace function and air flow to the interior air registers is tested along with a visual inspection of the inside of the furnace and furnace filters. Inspection includes the thermostat function, condensate lines (where visible) and the vent flue is also inspected.
The exterior A/C unit is inspected during the Grounds and Landscaping inspection. The functionality is tested after the furnace test. The air temperature is measured during testing. The electrical disconnect and refrigerant lines are inspected.
Where visible the following areas are inspected. Faucets, drains and service lines are inspected and tested throughout the inspection depending on the room being inspected. Kitchen, laundry and bathrooms sinks, basins and tubs are filled full prior to evacuation and shower drains are tested. Crawlspace drain lines are inspected during the Crawlspace Inspection. The water heater and water service line connections are inspected.
The exterior main electrical service and main electrical panel are inspected. Interior and exterior lights, switches and outlets are inspected and tested.
The foundation is inspected during the exterior and crawlspace inspection sections. Foundation vents are inspected.
The crawlspace area inspection is performed last. This allows the inspector to determine if the crawlspace area drain lines leaked during previous plumbing tests. Where visible the vapor barrier and insulation is inspected. Plumbing and HVAC air distribution lines and supports can be inspected as well. Floor joist, supports, and sub floor materials are inspected where visible.

Home Inspection Service

  • Home Inspection Report
  • Other Home Inspection Items Include
Our reports are designed to give you the best understanding of the conditions of your new home purchase. Your easy to read home inspection report, with digital pictures and explanations, will be emailed to you so you will be able to see and understand exactly what the home inspector has inspected and tested. In most cases, you will get the home inspection report by email on the same day.
Visual inspection for mold like substances as well as termites and wood destroying pests. We will recommend further evaluation by a qualified contractor to determine the extent of the damage and repair that may be needed.

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